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Halotherapy Room

  • 20 min
  • 30 Australian dollars
  • Lux Vitae

Service Description

Halotherapy / Salt Therapy is a holistic way to heal your respiratory system. Halotherapy replicates the natural climate of salt caves by dispersing high concentration particles into the air, providing an immersive treatment of all types. Halotherapy benefits include; clear airways, reduced inflammation, improved sleep, reduced respiratory infections and boosts immunity. How does it work? The HALOONE® disperses micro particles of lab-tested, therapeutic salt solutions into the air which are then inhaled through the airways. The healing properties from the salt solution circulate into the airways, allowing for a reduction in inflammation, clearance of blockages and mucus and with anti-bacterial properties, helps to fight off infections. What does a Halotherapy session involve? Absolutely nothing but sitting in the room, relaxing, listening to soft meditation sounds and breathing in all that goodness. How many people are allowed in the room? Our room size disperses the perfect amount of air for two adults or one adult and two small children. What do I wear? You can wear your normal clothes. The air does not damage your clothing items.

Cancellation Policy

Two persons only per session. No shows or late cancellations will forfeit the cost of the booking, there will be no refund. Please contact us to cancel or reschedule if it is within 24 hours of your scheduled session time.

Contact Details

  • 63 Yambil St, Griffith NSW 2680, Australia


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